Rimocc' is the first store dedicated to second-hand drums and percussion in Lyon, France


The acquisition of second-hand equipment allows you to save on budget, to optimize the quality/cost ratio, the value and the upgrade for a higher range choice compared to brand new equipment.

The store favours circular economy in order to restore meaning to consumption and to offer an alternative to the “exploit ressources-manufacture-throw away” model which has dominated the economy for more than 150 years.


Rimocc' are specialists in used / second hand and vintage drums, cymbals, snare drums, spare parts, percussion aimed at professionals, amateur individuals as well as collectors, taking into account a wide variety of needs around the practice of the instrument.

The voluntary limited brand new equipment store offers are reserved for consumables such as drum heads and drumsticks by favourite new upcoming brands, selected for their quality and price potentials such as Heats, Murat Diril or Los Cabos, independant brands and manufacturers.


For a second life to drums and percussion   Triple R "Re-use, Recycle, Rock"